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Registration & Curriculum Form

Please read the frequently asked registration questions article before registering. If you have any questions about the registration, please contact our registrar.

If you would rather download a paper form, fill it out and then mail it to our registrar, please click here. Please note that you must have Adobe reader or other software capable of displaying PDF files in order to use this option.

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Course Residence Information

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Note: All rooms this year at Seina College are single occupancy.

Health Information

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Participants May Need To Walk 1-2 Blocks Between Campus Buildings.
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Cymdeithas Madog Fitness Policy

Cymdeithas Madog will do what they can to accommodate the physical limitations of course participants, but we can assume no responsibility in the event that we are unable to do so. Participants must assume the responsibility for determining whether they are physically and medically able to participate. Participants must also assume responsibility for medical conditions that could result in medical emergencies while they are at the course.

After reading the statement above please indicate that you have understood The Cymdeithas Madog Fitness Policy and are physically fit to participate in the cwrs

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Emergency Contact Information

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Curriculum Information

If You Have Attended Cwrs Cymraeg Before, Please List Your Three Most Recent Levels
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Please note that the curriculum has been updated for 2014 and the number of levels reduced from seven to six. It is important that you refer to our guideline of what is taught in each level before choosing the level that is appropriate for you.

Preferred Level (*)
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If You Have Not Attended Cwrs Cymraeg Before, Are You A Complete Beginner? (*)
Please let us know if you are a complete beginner.
If You Have Not Attended Cwrs Cymraeg Before And Have Some Knowledge Of Welsh, Please Write A Short Paragraph in Welsh
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For example, tell us a little bit about yourself and/or how you came to be interested in Welsh.
Additional Information About Your Welsh Language Background That You Would Like To Share With Us
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For example, previous Welsh instruction apart from Cwrs Cymraeg Cymdeithas Madog, or extensive residence in a Welsh-speaking community in Wales, etc.
Questions, Concerns, Or Comments About CURRICULUM
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