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Announcing The Level 5/6 Eisteddfod Topic

Yr Eisteddfod / The Eisteddfod

One of the many highlights of Cwrs Cymraeg Cymdeithas Madog is the Friday night eisteddfod. For those not-in-the-know, the Cwrs Cymraeg eisteddfod is a literay competition where students are asked to write on a topic. Prizes are awarded for the best efforts. It's a great opportunity to show yourself what you've learned during the week on Cwrs Cymraeg. The topics for the classes 1/2 and 3/4 competitions will be announced during the cwrs. This gives everyone, even complete beginners, an opportunity to give the eisteddfod a go.

In order to give those competitors in the level 5/6 a bit of a head start on their submissions, we are proud to announce that this year's topic will be "NEWID." So if you expect to be in level 5 or 6, start giving some thought to your masterpiece. To help you in writing your submission, here are some points to consider:

  • The entry may be in poetry or prose.
  • Though you have freedom in the length of your submission, it is common for competitors to submit pieces of between one and two full pages.
  • Keep to the topic. No matter how masterful your submission, if it is not about the topic it will not be considered.
  • In addition to the prizes offered in the other levels, the winning competitor will be awarded the Cymdeithas Madog chair.
  • Please note that submissions must be of the highest possible quality. In accordance with eisteddfod tradition, Cymdeithas Madog reserves the right to not declare a winner in this level of competition if no entry is judged to have achieved the necessary standard.

The best of luck to all eisteddfod competitors