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Ellis Jones was in the beginner's class at Cwrs Cymraeg Iowa, 1997, when he penned the following verses (set to the tune "The Battle Hymn of the Republic") about the experience of learning Welsh. Give it a go.

Battle Hymn Of Cwrs Cymraeg

Verse 1:
Mine eyes have seen the words of Cymru printed on the board
They have been pronounced and spelled and sung with such accord
We've learned the way to greet each other with a helping list
of sentences and songs including one in which we kissed!

We have tried to learn Cymraeg here!
We have tried to spell Cymraeg here!
We have tried to do our best here!
But the language still lives on!

Verse 2:
Cefin and Hefina, Paul and Marta, Basil, too
All of these besides our teacher who was tiwtor Sue
Lots of words, mutations, place names, numbers, and the days
Vocabulary soon to help us all in many ways.


Verse 3:
Yes, Bore da and Noswaith dda and da bo chi as well
Saying wedi blino and, yes Dw i'n dod o Hell (Michigan)
The messages have sometimes not said what we really meant
But maybe that's the way they talk in little tiny Gwent


Verse 4:
You've heard the valiant story of our efforts to excel
To master all the challenges our teachers do us tell.
But we really like their patience over all these many days
It's Dioch yn fawr! and all the other words of gentle praise.


Webmaster's Note: The teaching staff of Cwrs Cymraeg Iowa 1997 (Cefin Campbell, Hefina Phillips, Paul Birt, Marta Weingartner Diaz, Basil Davies and Sue George) take pride of place in the second verse.